Where Does The Time Go?

This morning, I was asked if I had a personal or business blog.  My response, of course, was that I have both.  I realized even in that moment that neither had been updated recently.  But then I checked when I last updated this blog.  Almost a year ago?!?!?  REALLY?!?!?!  How could that be?

On one hand, it kind of makes sense.  I mean, in my business life, I blog for 6 of my clients, 5 of which get posts 1 to 4 times a week. So even my own business blog gets neglected.  What’s left for me to say personally?

But then…I did start this blog.  And I had to have had a reason for doing so.  Maybe it’s time to reevaluate.  Spend some time giving my personal side and my personal brand some love again.  When you own your own business, it’s hard not to get so wrapped up in that brand that you see you’re NOT just that piece of you.

Hopefully you’ll see me here again soon.  Until then…


The Lyrics Strike Again

The last week has apparently been retro week in my music listening habits.  In particular, Coldplay’s Twisted Logic has been on repeat, playing over and over and over, mainly because a piece of the lyrics got me to thinking.

The lyrics that caught my ear say:

Don’t fight for the wrong side
Say what you feel like
Say how you feel

The vote on Amendment One in North Carolina (where I live) has continued to weigh heavy on my mind since May 8.  It was billed as a gay marriage ban, but was really so much more, affecting heterosexual unmarried couples just as much as gay couples.  My first thought when listening to the lyrics this week was, “YES! EXACTLY! Don’t fight for the wrong side!  This should be common knowledge.  How could you nimrods have voted this amendment into being?!?!?”

But then something hit me.  The people voting for the amendment didn’t think they were fighting for the wrong side.  They were simply saying how they felt.  I still can’t reconcile in my head how people could think this was right, but I at least can fathom a bit of why they’d vote the way they did.

In reading this, please don’t get the wrong idea.  I’m still 100% opposed to the amendment’s passing.  I’m still passionate about getting it repealed.  I still think that this is my way of not fighting for the wrong side.  But the anger, which at times bordered on hatred, toward the pro-amendment voters has subsided a bit.

So what’s your take on the lyrics?  Do you think finding some compassion for the “wrong side” can happen?

No Excuses!

So The Biggest Loser has got to be one of my most favoritest shows on TV…like, EVER.  This season, the theme of the show is “no excuses.”  Each week, they debunk an excuse people use about why they can’t lose weight, such as “it’s too hard,” “I can’t do it alone,” or “I can’t afford a gym.”

Seeing that I watch the show religiously, obviously I knew about this season’s theme.  But it wasn’t until last night’s show that it really hit me.  NO EXCUSES!  How much more appropriate a theme for me, too, than that?!?!?!?  I have no excuse for not working out as I planned.  I have no excuse for not eating right.  I have no excuse for not doing everything in my power to make my business a success.  I have no excuse for not doing my best on every presentation and client project I put my hands on.

So this is it.  This is my commitment to act as if I have no excuses.  I’ll do my best to not let my perfectionism get to me in this.  But I can’t let that be an excuse, either.

So who’s with me?  Who’s done with making excuses?

It’s an Exciting Time to Be Me!

I feel conceited even thinking it, but it really is an exciting time to be me!

I’m making a living ON.MY.OWN. I mean, I’m 100% responsible for my paycheck. Not to discount the help I’ve gotten to get me here.  Goodness knows there are a lot of people that have helped me, and I can’t begin to put into words how much I appreciate that! But at the same time, I am now boss, worker bee, accounting department, collections, etc.

I never in my life thought I’d want to be in this position. But now that I’m here, every day that I “make it work” (as Tim Gunn would say), it’s the best feeling in the world.  I’m now getting the “why” of people starting their own businesses.  That’s something I’ve never understood before.  It’s kind of addictive.

So tell me – what’s exciting in your life right now?

Stephanie Nelson, Busy Bee Extraordinaire

So after ushering out the hell that was 2011, it seems I’ve ushered in a new era: the era of the Busy Bee.

I launched SBN Marketing on December 16th. Those first few weeks were full of busy work, paper-signing, general business set up tasks. Come January 2nd, though, SBN Marketing hit the ground running! Work for the clients I brought over from my former employer, work to try and bring on new clients, new partnerships for content marketing. My days couldn’t be more full!

As if that weren’t enough, I launched the SBN Marketing blog AND partnered with Charlotte-PR.com as a content provider. So I’m essentially running content for three blogs. I totally love it, and it totally stresses me out at the same time!

So what has 2012 ushered in for you? Any new eras on your horizon?

My Message to 2011

My message to 2011? Get the H out! Go the F away!

Why? Let me count the reasons…

This year started with me stuck in a job I hated and ended with me losing the job I loved.

This year saw me lose Caroline Kitten, my faithful companion of over 14 years.

This year gave me the “opportunity” to fire someone.

This year made me go on stage in front of 500+ people with my shoe duct-taped together.

I’m ready for this year to be gone. But I can’t end this year without remembering that I did make some great new friends. I did start my own company, no matter how stressful that is right now. I did gain a nephew. I did overcome my fear of talking in front of large groups…TWICE. Sothings weren’t all bad all year.

So with just over 6 1/2 hours left in this year, I’m gonna end it on a high note and start 2012 off right!

It’s the Time of Year to Be Thankful

Somehow, even though I’m feeling especially Scrooge-y this year, I feel compelled to do the obligatory post on things for which I’m thankful. I know I’ll forget some things, which will probably unnecessarily raise eyebrows. But this is my list (in no particular order), so here goes…

I’m thankful for:

  • my family for pushing me to be my best.
  • the small group I joined in May for understanding my job needs and sometimes spiritual disconnect.
  • my IRL friends for knowing when to pull me out of my hole and when to let me be.
  • my social media friends for hooking me up with networking opportunities, guest lecturing opportunities and more.
  • my job, doing things I’m passionate about with people that I actually like.
  • the Weight Watchers recipes I found that allowed me to have a guilt-free Thanksgiving meal.
  • Core Studio Pilates & running for giving me legs that look SICK in my new $39 Badgley Mischka silver heels (Marshall’s find).
  • Emilia for finding the $39 Badgley Mischka shoes for me. ha ha ha
  • the fact that I can now hold a plank for a full minute – 50 seconds longer than just a couple months ago!

So that’s it, as of right now. What are YOU thankful for?

Stephanie Boyette Nelson

stephanie boyette nelson social media professional

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